I have been working in the mental health field for the past decade, the first seven years of which was spent working with at-risk children and families in various community mental health settings. In my private practice I use the knowledge of developmental psychology that I gathered in that work to help adults deal with a multitude of difficult childhood issues. I take an eclectic approach, drawing on my understanding of neurobiological functioning and attachment theory, as well as my practice as a meditator and seeker of mindfulness to help clients find self-compassion, groundedness and fulfillment.

I am a proud member of the queer community and work deeply around issues of identity, gender, embodiment, self-esteem, internalized homophobia/transphobia and navigating relationships in a sometimes hostile world.

I also have an extensive background in working with infertility and pregnancy loss that is rooted in a deep understanding of these issues from my own experiences.

With my colleague Kerry Cohen, I provide an intensive form of integrative co-facilitated couples counseling in which we work individually with each member of a couple and then meet as a group for relationship work. We have found that this modality allows both individuals to deeply access their core wounds and then share with their partners in a way that grows intimacy, fosters better communication and deepens connection.

And I have the very great honor of doing all this work with my beloved co-therapist Frodo, pictured above. Studies have shown that animals help us stay calm and grounded, so he is always on hand to provide a little extra support.

I look forward to hearing from you!


-Gillian Callahan Chachere