As a child therapist working primarily within child welfare systems, I learned the ins and outs of how trauma affects the developing brain. Childhood trauma stretches far into our adult lives, often in ways that we don’t understand. Trauma affects the executive function of the brain, robbing us of rational thought, language, planning, the ability to calm ourselves down and pay attention. When we are triggered we can make bad choices or lose our communication skills, and everything suffers – our relationships, our careers, our ability to parent, our ability to take basic care of ourselves.

In my work with adults I provide psychoeducation about the ways that trauma pops up in our daily lives and scatters all our best intentions. I want to build a relationship in which we can call out the innocent child who was hurt, coax them into the room, teach them what it feels like to be safe at last. Ultimately I want to help you find compassion for yourself, out of which all other kinds of change will flow.